About us

We are a group of professionals specializing in IT consulting, implementation of advanced software solutions, business analytics and statistical data mining.

We are an agile software company specializing in web and mobile applications

We are striving to provide a level of service that exceeds expectations of our clients.

Our offer

Dedicated applications

We design and implement custom enterprise applications, based on Web and SmartClient technologies.

Business Intelligence

We provide complete Business Intelligence solutions, based on Microsoft platforms and Tableau Software.

Team leasing

We build on-demand interdisciplinary development teams based on our customers requirements.

We support companies and organizations to achieve their business goals

We understand our clients' success depends on the experience of their customers.
We believe that we take part in the satisfaction of customers of our clients.


Today the web browser isn't just a rendering machine. It's a full-blown application runtime. That's why we support our front-end solutions with open-minded, modern patterns in the application architecture.


Rich user experiences aren't borne just in the user interface. A flawlessly architected backend is as important, as everything else.


Responsive web design isn't just a buzzword. We're deeply convinced this is the pillar of modern web. That's why you don't even have to ask. RWD's included.

During last years, we have been successfully providing IT services

Our growing, experienced team provides the kind of support that only top rank engineers can.

Rapid growth?

Too many projects?

Business is booming?

Sounds like the perfect time to join our forces! You can take care of your business while we drive the technology and development.

Business Intelligence

We provide complete Business Intelligence solutions tailored to the needs of our clients.



Currently the data collected is not enough, and the advantage is the effective use of data. Therefore, during the first stage of work we have to fully understand customer needs.


Having the knowledge about the range of expected information, how to present the data and refreshment period, we start our work.To do it best, we use our own solution which dramatically shorten data access time and combine many incompatible data sources.


The data is fully useful only when it is provided to the right person in the easy to understand way. We have experience with Tableau, Power BI and Targit.

Our cooperation model


Analysis workshops

At the beginning, we talk and ask a lot of questions to understand customer's needs.

UX and UI design

User experience & Design mockups and design

We draw the solution! Our own UX and UI designers work everything out. From sketches to pixel perfect layouts.


Development implementation not good enought?

We use the agile approach to adapt to changing environments and unpredictable transformations.s



We test our products, then maintain them. We're ready to add new features and improvements.

Our competencies

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